FO rib scarf & cable hat

Finally finished my sisters scarf and hat. Both done in Lion Brand pound of love in pale green…I was going to use it for a blanket but changed my mind and my sister LOVES this color. I did both with double strands. The scarf in a simple rib k3p3. Making your own pom poms is a whole lot harder than I thought but i did it :happydance: . The hat is actually my very first cable project i think it turn out nice for my first try. I got the pattern here on the “Free Patterns” tab but instead of a k2p2 rib band I did a k1p1.

OMIGOSH, that’s BEAUTIFUL! :inlove:

I love the color, and the cables look fantastic. If I thought I could do that good a job, I’d try my first cable project. :thumbsup:

I love that set…and you have achieved pom pom perfection! They are perfect little spheres! Mine always look a lot shaggier than that.

Beautiful! It makes me think “minty fresh!”

georgous darling, just georgous! :cheering:


It is beautiful and a wonderful color!

They look great!

Wow! :inlove:

Those are beautiful!!! What a pretty gift for your sister! :cheering:

lovely :heart: :heart: the pom poms are so nice and even.

your pom poms are impecable! wonderful job!

Very nice. And your pompoms are perfect. Much better than any I’ve made.

And i love your avatar.

SUPER CUTE! Love the color!

What an awesomely done first cable project. I keep putting off teaching myself to make cables. Is it really that easy? Oh, you didn’t say it was easy, Just your first. Well I am extremely impressed! Wow. I hope I can do half as well when I finally try. The pom pom’s are excellent as well. I bet your sister was pleased as can be. :cheering:

I really likes. The pom poms make the scarf. The hat looks perfect. Great job and nifty colors. I too think minty fresh…