FO Reversible Twice-as-Warm Mittens

Finished these last winter - almost. I had to still sew up the cuff.
Now they are done! Just in time as there was a fine snow falling just a while ago here. Here is in Southern Ontario, Canada. Sorry about low quality of the photos - my camera batteries need charging and I need a refresher course on picture taking.:wink:

For the cuff I used Bernat Wool Blend in “Wood” and Bernat Camouflage in “Out back”. They are so warm!

I will post a link to the pattern as soon as I can. The site where I found it is not responding. Stay tuned.

They look very toasty, well done!

Very nice mitts! And I think the photo quality was just fine!

Great work all around!!!

They turned out great!! Congrats!

Gr888 jobs n nice

They look great - nice and warm!!

They DO look toasty!

Those look really warm! nice job