FO: Reversible Brioche Cabled Scarf

HI! :waving:

I love this pattern! However, it was not for the faint-of-heart.
The “brioche” stitch is not difficult…but “getting it” from the way this pattern was written was the pits. Slim, thanks for helping me with the YouTube and Brioche Tutorial links! Your blue scarf was totally inspiring, and I always wanted to make this scarf! I woulda given in and given up if you hadn’t so graciously helped me with those links!

I used up STASH for this scarf! Four skeins left over from a cardigan I made last year, or this year, I forget. I should check my Ravelry notebook. :eyes:

[B]The pattern: [/B][COLOR=Blue]“Reversible Brioche Cabled Scarf” [/COLOR]FREE PATTERN
[B]The yarn: [/B] [COLOR=Blue]Trendsetters “Tonalita”[/COLOR] (4 skeins made 65" scarf)
Pattern corrections: there are two pattern errors. If you want to make this scarf…save yourself some gray hairs. [I]PM me![/I] :thumbsup:

YouTube basic brioche stitch video clip:

My favorite BRIOCHE STITCH tutorial with excellent photography!

So beautiful

Stunning - as always!

Stunning as always :slight_smile: :yay:

Beautiful scarf & sweater!

Very pretty! :heart:

Absolutely gorgeous! Lovely work, as always.

dang! you are just way too talented!! i so admire you! thank you for sharing! (and when can i go to artlady camp???)


OOOOOooooohhhhhh so pretty :slight_smile:

Absolutely beautiful. Heads will turn when you wear these two.

Wowee! That is just gorgeous!

It’s gorgeous! I really love the striping effect of the yarn:inlove: It’s a wonderful pattern, that makes a super squishy “don’t want to take it off” scarf!:thumbsup:

Your cabling is simply breathtaking, Artlady! Lovely job!

Gorgeous!!! Love the two together as well! Doesn’t it feel so good to use that stash up? Almost as good as buying new yarn! LOL

Very pretty and I love the colorway.

:inlove: Very pretty!

That is a great scarf. It looks so puffy and warm. I went to the pattern and cast on 26 stitches to try it out. That’s as far as I got. :slight_smile:

K1, *sl 1, yo, k1
Sounds easy enough when you see it written out, but I had no clue how to do it when I tried. I guess if I attempt this sometime I need your links to how to do this stitch… and the fruits of your labors…the corrections. LOL

Doesn’t it feel so good to use that stash up? Almost as good as buying new yarn! LOL

LOL Ain’t that the truth.

Absolutely gorgeous! Love it, love it. Of course, I’ve just finished my own scarf for this winter (about 10 mins ago) and I have other projects waiting. Maybe if someone comments on mine, I’ll hand it over so I’ll have an excuse…

Very beautiful wonderful work as always