FO: red sweater

I finally finished my red sweater. It’s a dutch pattern, the yarn I used is schachenmayr punto. It’s 55% cotton and 45% acrylic.

Wow! What a great fit and such a stylish sweater. Can you take a close-up photo of the lace pattern? I’d love to see the detail.


Your sweater is awesome! The color, pattern, and fit are beautiful.

That is just beautiful! I love the neckline.

Wow Lieke - that is beautiful. I love it - especially the beadwork on the side.

What a beautiful sweater! The color is amazing, and the neckline and fit make it look so great when you wear it. I’m so impressed :smiley:

Very pretty!!!

It’s beautiful Lieke!!

Just beautiful!

Absolutely gorgeous and the color is splendid!:inlove:

Such a great fit - gorgeous sweater!

This is so cute! I totally saw this pattern, I could swear, in a Phildar catalog. I love it! checking . . . Yes, Phildar Tendances Winter 1, so if anyone wants the pattern, this catalog is also translated into English.

It looks great on you!

wow thats nearly identical to a pattern in a phildar french magzine, even with those sequin things to the left of the leaf motif!

That’s beautiful!

That’s beautiful! Great job! I :heart: it!

Wow that is very beautiful! And I love the RED! :smiley:

Thanks all, for your sweet words:muah:

You both are right, it is a sweater from a phildar pattern. I adjusted the sleeves, because I don’t like the way phildar makes the sleeves and I wanted long sleeves instead of shorter ones.

Since phildar is french, I’m sure they have translated in other languages than only dutch.

Sure. Here they are:

I couldn’t make close up pics while wearing the sweater, but I think this shows the pattern as it is when I wear it.

I wore it yesterday, and it fits perfect. I only hope the sleeves won’t shrink, because they are just perfect now. Otherwise, I think I’ll try to pick up stitches at the bottom of the sleeves and increase the ribbing.

It is beautiful, nice colour too.

yowza!! That’s really lovely. :inlove:

you did a great job it’s beautyful!.