FO: Red Hallett's Ledge

Finally done! I wore it to church today. I’m sharing my lousy photo with you because I appreciate your help with the button selection! I’m real happy with our #1 button choice! (I hate my photo!)

My Rav Notes. Additional photos; my modifications are explained.

How lovely! You look good in it!

It’s beautiful, Artlady! I just love the color!

It looks spectacular on you! :thumbsup:

Well done (again)!

Also…the buttons are perfect! Love how they work with the button band ribbing…

It looks beautiful! Red is such a great color on you. The buttons worked out perfect!

Wow! It looks great on you! Beautiful sweater. The buttons look like they were made for it. Thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous sweater with a very pretty neckline. You look beautiful in it!

Gorgeous sweater, gorgeous lady! You did a fabulous job as always and you look spectacular in it.

That is gorgeous!!! :inlove:

You do such professional work. I love everything about it especially the color. Dark reds are my favorite color. It looks good on you too.

Lovely yarn and buttons as usual. I really like the cables on this and the overall pattern. You did a great job on it and it suits you to a tee (or is that tea?). :woot: