FO: Red Diamond Cabled Dress

I wanted to show everyone the very first item I had knitted since college…let’s not ask how long ago that was…lol.
I fell in love with the dress when I noticed it on the cover of Vogue Knitting Magazine. I figured, what a way to get back into knitting! It was challenging and fun at the same time.

The dress was made for my neice, who is modeling the dress.

WOW! What an incredible piece of art work!! It’s gorgeous!! Wish I had that figure to go with it! LOL

That’s awesome!

What a project, that is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Talk about jumping back in both feet first!!!

Wow, what a beautiful dress! And what a way to get back into knitting! I’ll bet she loves it – it looks wonderful on her.


:inlove: stunning!!

:noway: Wow, that’s amazing!

Stunning :passedout:

WOWSA! I love it! :heart:

Well done!!! Nice and flattering, too!~

Wow! I love the dress! What a great job!! :heart:

Knock-out! The dress and her cute shape!:star:


:passedout: The fit is PERFECT!!! It is just WOW!!

Whoa, Nelly! :notworthy:That’s fantastic.:yay: Beautiful work, fantastic color. Your niece will [COLOR=red][B][I]LOVE[/I][/B][/COLOR][COLOR=black]it![/COLOR]

That is just awesome!

That is a totally awesome dress. Love the color, the pattern, and the way it looks on her ~ good work!

Wow, that must’ve taken forever! :thumbsup: great job!

Fantastic job, congrats!!!

:inlove: That dress is GORGEOUS! :inlove:

You basically have to have a perfect figure to wear a knitted dress or skirt, IMO. She’s definitely got it! :slight_smile: