FO: Ravens in Snow Mitts

I’ve hardly shown anything I’ve knit all summer. That’s because I’ve been knitting some fingerless mitts with tiny stitches. I showed the Wrought Mitts that I made earlier. Well, I made another pair just like them (only I had to knit 3 mitts to get 2 the same size :oops: )only in a light muted green. I didn’t bother to post them because they were more of the same.

Then I’ve knit another pair of mitts designed by Stephannie Tallent. Here they are. I used the same yarn I used for the 2 pair of Wrought Mitts, old Phildar Loirsirs 139. The colors here are slightly off white and dark navy blue. It looks black in indoor lightly but in the sun you can tell it is navy. My gauge was tighter than is was supposed to be but they will work for somebody.

And here is the palm side. Lovely pattern by Stephannie Tallent.

Those are beautiful!

So pretty!!

very nice work!

Lovely work, Judy! I was wondering what you’re up to!

Beautiful mitts, perfectly knit! It is a lovely pattern and whoever that someone is, she’ll be very happy, indeed. It’s always good to see what you’re up to.

I LOVE your mitts. Your color work is perfect, the design is unique, and the contrast between the white and navy really makes for some eye-catching mitts!

Did you say those are ravens? . . . . . Nevermore!!!

How lovely!!! :yay:

Wow! Impressive! Someday maybe I’ll be able to do something like that. I love them, they were worth the time and effort. You do really beautiful work.

OH MY GOODNESS. those are amazing. I so so so admire all that work you put in them. I dont think I can ever master intarsia let alone something so detailed and amazing as that design. You should have those on a magazine cover.

Just gorgeous! Looks so hard!!!

what pattern did you use for these?!

The pattern is called Ravens in Snow by Stephannie Tallent. She has a full mitten version and these fingerless mitts. Two different patterns. I located them through Ravelry.

Good Grief those are absolutely gorgeous. That “somebody” is lucking out, bigtime! Just amazing work. :notworthy:

So nice! Very laborious work!

They are just gorgeous!!!