FO: Rattie Hammock

I finally have a FO! :happydance:

It was a quick, mindless project - lots of boring stockinette. I can’t wait to get pictures of Snow actually IN it, but he takes a while to warm up to new cage accoutrements.

It’s a rat hammock? :lol: That is too cute! I didn’t know they liked things like that! :thumbsup:

They like high places, and a hammock is about as high up as they can get in their cages. Snow doesn’t like hammocks as much as his brother Soot did, but Soot, unfortunately, is no longer with us.

it’s great. but, doesn’t your rat make holes in it? I’ll never ever knit anything for my rats, cause it won’t survive longer than a day. everything in their cage has holes, I guess that’s not very good for anything you knit :wink:

I’ll have to try this out! I’ve never wanted to spend the money on one of those store bought hammocks, so I’m not sure if my rattie will like it… but it can’t hurt to try! What did you use to attach it to the cage?

Too clever! You’ll have to get a picture of Snow enjoying the hammock!

What a great idea! I bet ferrets would love that too! I agree, we need pictures of Snow enjoying the hammock!

Very cute…very clever…most excellent idea! Love it :thumbsup:

A woman I know did those for her feerrts. They loved them and cost was way cheaper than the ones you’d buy from the pet store and they were easy to wash when she needed to. I bet snow will love the hammock! I wonder if I could knit myself one! :slight_smile: :happydance:


That’s too cute!!! Great idea! :smiley:

Next one I make, I want to go a bit more traditional in terms of hammock shape - coming to a near point on either side. And I’d like to try it with hemp. It’s a great way to use up cheap acrylic though.

We’re lucky, Snow’s not much of a chewer. Even so - while chewing and holes may not be good for anything you knit, it’s more economical to knit up a hammock really quickly with some cheap yarn and have that torn to pieces than to spend $20 on a hammock at the pet store and see that torn to pieces just as quickly.

We used the dollar store variety of the baby links… they’re meant to clip to high chairs and carseats to either be played with by themselves or to hold on to baby’s toys so that they don’t get lost.

I’m sure ferrets would love it too. Most commercial hammocks are marketed to ferret owners. If you have a pet who might or might not like a hammock, another thrifty alternative is to use the leg of a pair jeans either when you’re getting rid of them or creating cut-offs (since it’s summer and all). It doubles as a tunnel if they don’t like the hammock. :thumbsup:

I just take an old towel, never bought those expensive pet store hammocks with the three chewers of minde :wink:

That is too cute…a hammock for the rattie penthouse! :lol: Great job and definitely better than buying a commercial one!

I might have to try to knit a hammock for my kitty’s cat tree now…although I’m not sure how I would attach that…

Oh I love that! What a fantastic idea! :thumbsup:

My kitties would love hammocks, though I’ve no idea where I’d hang them. :thinking:

Aw cute! I was thinking of making mine some snuggly things, but they’ve been very good about chewing hammocks so far…so I don’t need to :sunglasses:

How clever! :thumbsup:

How cute! I had two pet rats when I was in grad school. They make such wonderful pets. Where is Snow? I’d love to see a pic of him!