FO: random hat

random hat i made. adapted from some scarf pattern i found but can’t remember what it was called.
i started making it as a test just to check gauge and figure out how i wanted to decrease the top. it came out pretty small but happened to be the perfect size for a skull cap and now it’s like my new favorite hat.

Looks great to me . Suits you too:)

:thumbsup: Great job!

It looks great! :yay:

Jon…you and your hat are definitely GQ material! Way to go!

Yup, it turned out as a perfect skull cap! Great job! Isn’t it wonderful when a test gauge actually turns into an FO? :slight_smile:

Looks great.

Love it! My 2 adult sons would wear a hat like this in a heartbeat!

Very nice! I like it a lot – it suits you.

That’s a great looking hat and I love that you just kind of made it all up. You’re not too far from me - I’m up in western MD - and you’ll be needing that hat very soon. Good job!

My husband had the same issue when he made hats. Sometimes the number of stitches/gauge was off and they turned out small, but that smaller size is great too, so no problem.

Your hat is really cool. What was it you did along the edge? Is it like an i-cord edge or what did you do to get that effect. I like it a lot. Texture is nice too. Kudos to you.

for the rim of the hat i just knit 4 or 5 rows… if it was on a smaller head it would roll up a bit. since it’s sized funny for my head it’s just tighter

It certainly looks great on you! Well done.

You could SOOOoo make a bunch of those and sell them to bikers. Well they would sell in Portland (bicycle capital of the US) Looks good.:thumbsup:

Nice hat. Good job. XD

GREAT job!

Welcome to KH!

Great job. Looks good on you. :clink:

I like it.:cheering:

I also like this, my brothers would also like this :slight_smile: