FO: Rainy Day Socks

I made these for my mom’s 81st birthday this weekend. I don’t have time to block them, but I don’t think she’ll mind. I made them as anklets because I had only one skein of this yarn and I was afraid I’d run out, but there was enough left over that I probably could have made the cuff two or three repeats longer. She’ll probably wear them as footies around the assisted living center where she lives.
The women in my family have really skinny ankles, so I cast on 40 instead of 48 stitches to work the picot cuff. After the cuff I increased back to 48 stitches, and used Joan’s Favorite Sock Toe for the toe.

great job, I love the color

Those are just beautiful!

Cute socks and I have the same exact shoes! :teehee:

Oh, these are so cool, and nicely done! Love the color!:thumbsup:

Oh, I like those! What yarn and colorway did you use?

Oops, sorry! I used Miss Babbs Yummy Superwash Sport (3-ply). It’s a hand-dyed blue, but there’s no colorway number or name on the label. My mom chose it at L & B Yarns in Norman, OK.

Very pretty! I bet she will adore them :slight_smile:

Those are beautiful! :yay:

They look great. She will love them.

Wow, great job!! The color is stunning, and that picot edge is perfect!

Slim , They are so cute . The colour is lovely :slight_smile: Nice job hun.:slight_smile:

Those are really nice I love the colour.

Those are beautiful, so feminine looking with the lace and picots. They will be such nice socks for your mom to wear around her assisted living home, and have the bonus of her being able to say, “My daughter made them,” if anyone notices them. That will make her happy everytime she says it.

What a lovely present:cheering: The socks look great :thumbsup:

Great socks! That blue is one of my favorite colors. Thanks for sharing!

:yay: Great job!!

I love the socks! Those shoes are so cute too. unfortunately I tend to turn my ankle outwards so I never get to wear cute mary janes or slipper shoes !

SOOOO CUTE!!!:cheering:

Great socks!