FO: Rainy Day Scarf in Mmmmmm

Hopefully my MIL will love it…it’s her Christmas gift!
It was absolutely heavenly to knit with Malabrigo. Sooooo soft. I have 2 other skeins that will be made into scarves very soon!!
The pictures don’t really do the color justice…it’s a beautiful red colorway (Pagoda).

Looks great! I love my mmmm Rainy Day scarf!

very pretty!!I’m sure she will love it :thumbsup:

Beautiful :heart:!

What a beautiful scarf, love the mmmmmcolor!

Gorgeous! What a rich color!

Wonderful! I’m sure she will love it. I am now coveting everything made with mmm!

That is just lovely! I love the way the cables are angled!

The great thing about this pattern is it isn’t cables. Just a bunch of knits and purls. It is super easy!

So pretty! How many skeins of Malabrigo did you use? The pattern really shows off the yarn well.

Only 1 skein, so it’s a bit shorter than typical scarves, but I think it’s plenty long enough to keep one’s neck warm! I stretched it a bit when I blocked it.
Thanks for all the compliments!


I love the way that turned out - I have about a skein and 1/2 of Malibrigo left from a hat and scarf set I made as a Christmas gift. I think I will make one for me using that pattern. It really shows off the colors of the yarn… thanks for posting.

[B]Beautiful :)[/B]

Very nice and a lovely colour x

What a pretty design. Looks very nice!

Thanks all! My MIL really liked her gift. I will probably end up making more with the other skeins I have!

OK, I always feel really stupid asking this question, but where did you find the pattern? :aww:

It’s here -

Very pretty! Love the color.