FO: Rainy Day (lacey) Socks

:cheering: My 2nd pair ever. So fun to knit. A 4-row repeat, and loooove that easy picot binding edge.

Nice, both color and pattern!
gotta love picot edging!

Very nice. Aren’t socks addicting? Love your doggie!!

LOVE THEM!!! You did a great job. Aren’t socks addicting??

Thanks all!

Hi JJ! Yes, VERY addicting. I’m already looking for my next pair.

I love those! Where can I get the pattern??

NM I found it! :slight_smile:

Ooops, sorry for forgetting the pattern link. It’s at Rainy Day Socks

I love those socks, but am a bennger with socks and i was wondering if there was a easy pattern for socks with 2 needs and not 3 dont know if am ready for the 3


Actually 3 is best otherwise the stitches on each side of the foot are loose. Try using stitch holders (6) on each end of the needle. I was always losing stitches, they were my training wheels. Before i was even done with my first pair of socks I was off the training wheels. :wink:

Try it, it’s easy! Good luck!

I am scared to try socks. They are beautiful !!!

Loveley socks and cute doggie!!

Lovely socks and cute doggie!!

Very nice! I want to knit those socks!:inlove:


Great job!! Socks are very addicting :teehee:

Your fur-babies are just the cutest models! I hope all the star treatment doesnt go to their head (hehe)- & of course, your socks are gorgeous!

thank you i will get it a try. Is there any one pattern that i should start with and what size should i use

Pretty socks! Too bad one has to wear shoes.

Pretty design and colour, and your dog is very cute. :slight_smile:

I’m loving this pattern so far, I’m 3 repeats into the lace and it’s so pretty!