FO: Ragnarok Online Poring

I finished this little guy a few days ago. He’s so adorable, yes? He’s from a PC game called Ragnarok Online. The Poring is one of MANY monsters in the game. There are other type of Poring monsters, but this pink one is my favorite.

EDIT: And for some reason the picture didn’t show up.
EDIT AGAIN: I got it. Thanks!

Do you have a Flickr or Photobucket account? Well, anyway…if you do…right click the photo, select COPY IMAGE LOCATION…then paste it into the address bar located in our Insert Image tool .

Then click OK. Your image will appear!

This is the easiest way IMO.

There are ways to pull a photo right from your computer, too. Check out the details here.

I love it. I think it is adorable. I love to knit toys, especially monsters or anime characters.