FO - Rach 3 Felted bag!

What a great little bag! :muah: You may have given me the courage to try needle-felting.

What a great idea to needle felt the notes on! You did a super job!:muah:

Looks great!

Looks WONDERFUL! I’m having a heck of time with the notes, I tried to “chain-stitch” and it looks real bad. I’d love to learn how to needle felt! You did that purse so fast! Great job!

I would definitely recommend needle felting the notes on, especially because it uses up some of the black yarn used to make the lines for the musical staff and you can be really precise. :smiley:
Thanks for the awesome comments, everyone! I’m so encouraged to know that you guys like my stuff and think of me as a “real knitter”!!!

I am delighted that it came out so well, and pleased that you made it your own and customized it with needle felting; the embroidery is time-consuming. Thank you so much for posting the photo. E. Mamo

Just darling and love the color!

looks great