FO: quick knit

This scarf was a really quick knit. It took me a week to finish it. It’s just simple garter stitch with summer yarn. The yarn is fuzzy which give a really nice look.

looks like it will be a great spring accessory!! and such a cheerful color!!

Very pretty! Looks snuggly!

Looks great - such a great spring color!

:heart: :heart: the color~you don’t see many light colored scarves~

What yarn did you use?

I used Lana Grossa Leggero.

in this color:

It’s really soft. I totally love this yarn.

It’s also light yarn and it knits up really fluffy. I can recommend this yarn for everyone who wants a scarf that is for spring (when it’s to cold to go outside without a scarf and to hot for your thick winterscarf)

:cheering: Love the scarf and I especially Love the color!!

I love the color!

the color makes me happy as well. I love bright colors. (does it show :teehee: )

I love that color. Beautuful scarf :slight_smile:

Lovely :cheering:

thanks you all :muah: