FO-Queen Silvia Shawl

This is the first pattern from the book “Knitted Lace of Estonia,” by Nancy Bush. It’s my first big lace project, and I love it! I used Knitpicks Bare Merino wool, and size 3 harmony wood needles.

Oooo that’s really pretty! :inlove:

I agree with Jan, it’s lovely…nicely done!:yay:



very nice! It has such an airy feel to it. You can be very proud!

It is truly lovely! Wonderful work. I love it in white.

Beautiful work! :inlove:

SO pretty! I have that book, and one of these days I’ll get up the courage to actually knit something from it!

Very Pretty!

Beautiful work! :heart:

Oh my gosh! That is gorgeous!! I just saw that book advertised in the Knit Picks’ catalog. Sooooo tempting!!!

Wonderful work! And GORGEOUS locks, too!

Really beautiful! I have found that lace work is addictive.

What a beautiful project!! especially for your first lace project! Wow!! It’s GORGEOUS!

[B][SIZE=3][COLOR=Purple]Quite elegant!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]:yay:

HAH! me too!

and, oohlala gorgeousness there!!!