FO: Quant!

I loved making this! At first, I thought I had picked a pattern that was too advanced for me. I’ve only been knitting for a couple months! I ran into a couple snags at the very beginning, but I was able to find some help with the videos here (:cheering: Woohoo for knittinghelp!). Once I got the hang of it, it was quick and easy. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I have a couple spots on the edge that aren’t quite straight, but otherwise I think it’s pretty good. The only bad thing is it looks kind of stupid on me. I’m trying to figure out something else to do with it. Maybe wear it as a neckwarmer??!

Wow that’s beautiful, I love the colors! What kind of yarn did you use? do you have the pattern for this? Thanks.

:woohoo: It looks great!! I love the colorway…

amber1977~The pattern is from knitty:thumbsup:

Very nice work. I can’t believe you have only been knitting for a couple of months!!

Thank you everyone! The yarn was Noro Silk Garden. I was really impressed with how well it blocked. After blocking it was much softer and flatter. The pattern is here -

It’s supposed to be a headband, but it looks kinda like a babushka on me :roflhard:

Great job, my friend - that looks wonderful!!! :muah:

I’ve been wanting to make this for me, but have been afraid of just that…it being to wide for my oddly shaped head. I don’t want it to like a kerchief.

I wonder if I can do it and leave out a few sections in the middle, make it narrower?:think:

Yours is lovely.

Good job! I love the colors

Looks great!

I thought about trying to narrow it down before I started, since I seem to have a smallish head. But I was unsure of my ability to figure out how to do that on my own! Now that I’ve got the pattern figured out, I would think subtracting one row of middle diamonds would be fairly simple.

It looks like your Quant turned out just like the one at Knitty. Sounds like it turned out too wide for you, huh? Too bad, you did a good job. I hope it works as a neck warmer or something.

It’s so beautiful. Why don’t you just fold under the back edge and wear it like it’s made to be worn that way. To quote Frank Zappa “No one will know unless it’s you that tells them so”!.

Nice job! What beautiful yarn too.

That’s nice. I’m gonna have to check out this Noro stuff!

Hey, I made this pattern and basically like it. It’s really warm, that’s for sure! If you’re concerned about it looking like a kerchief or headscarf dealy, if should be fairly easy to leave out the middle part to make it narrower. I’d just suggest reading the pattern through several times to make sure you have a clear understanding of it before you modify.

But when I made mine and wore it, my mom always called me Babushka and it sort of hurt my feelings. So if it’s something you’d be self-conscious about, be careful :wall:

Pretty :inlove:

But when I made mine and wore it, my mom always called me Babushka and it sort of hurt my feeling

Rachel, everytime I tie a scarf on my head, like to do housework, my husband puts on this fake Russian accent and says, “Hey! No gravy on the babushka!” We just had our 35th anniversary, and that’s how long I’ve heard this. About 20 more to go . . .:eyes: :heart:

Great job, looks wonderful.

I must have a small head too, when I made the Calorimetry exactly to gauge and pattern, the thing covered most of my head, but when I took it to my mom, it fit her perfectly and she loves it! On the Calorimetry, I found it easier to stay with the pattern, and go down a couple needle sizes so that my gauge was smaller than recommended to make a smaller piece, but Calorimetry is all k2p2 ribbing, so very stretchy. I am still learning the concepts behind entrelac, and am not familiar with the stretch is does/doesn’t have.

LOVE it!! Good for you for trying something you thought was outside your level of ability. You’ll never know if you don’t try!