FO: Quant

I saw Quant on the new Knitty and just had to make it. I’d never done entrelac though so this was a first. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was :slight_smile:

I used Patons SWS and I did have to splice it here and there to get the colors to line up the way I wanted but it was SO worth it :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking!

Oh, and please ignore my lack of makeup today :slight_smile:

Very pretty. I love the colors.


Wow, I can’t believe you already made this! Didn’t Knitty just come out yesterday?? Anyway, it looks fabulous! I don’t know if I would wear it, but it does look like a great first entrelac project.

how pretty!! i love entrelac

Great job!! :thumbsup: The colors look wonderful together and on you!

Beautiful, love the colors and good job!

That looks so cool!

I was just thinking it would be a great way to learn entrelac!

Very pretty! :cheering:

Oh that’s nice. Thanks for sharing.

Wow the designer was NOT LYING that is a FAST knit. it came out FABULOUS!!! i love the colours and the entralac looks great. i’ve wanted to try it but didn’t want something to big. i think i will add this to my queue!!

Pretty pretty ! and quick too. Looks great on you :slight_smile:

This is positively YUMMY! you did a great job of manipulating the color distributions! Wonderful!

:happydance: it looks wonderful!!

Ooo, I want to make this, too. It’s actually the thing I most want to make from the recent Knitty. Man, you’re fast!

How on earth did you make something so pretty so quickly? My gracious!

It looks lovely!

it looks amazing!

Holy smoke, you’re FAST girl!!! That turned out great, but I’m just :passedout: at your speed!

That really is very pretty and just your colors, too! You both compliment each other!

Oh, wow!!! That is beautiful, it looks gorgeous on you! I would love to make one of these for my mom-do you think it’d be hard to make it just slightly more narrow? I’ve never done entrelac, and this looks like a great first project.

Again, that looks so great! you ARE fast! :cool: