FO: Purple Shawl

I finished this a couple days ago but haven’t blocked (no room) or even finished the ends :whistle: I decided to open up the porch and take pics though :teehee:

Kitty had to get involved!!!

The distace shot…just as a point my cell is not the best distance pic…oh and ignore the kitty treats i had to weight the top down so it would stay up on the railing!! (Then gave kitty several to make him happy----they have catnip in em)

Close up…Not sure where the one hole came from but I WAS not frogging back to it no matter what mom said!!! It adds character :angelgrin:

Pretty! Your cat is gorgeous!

I think that is the best pic I have of him…just one of those chance shots that work…and on a CELL phone of all things :roflhard:

Nice job!! Love the color - it’ll go with lots of things!

Very nice! I’m with you…the hole adds your personal “signature” (aka, I probably wouldn’t have frogged back either!) Kitty is gorgeous - looks like he’s adoring your shawl :wink:

I also managed to get one (a hole) in the new one…not a single clue how but it does seem to be my new signature:roflhard:

Pretty…which pattern?

Thinking woman’s Shawl from knittinggeek

I’m doing another but with the SS in the middle and not garter :happydance:

Great work! And love the photography, too!

I love that shawl, hole and all…it’s like a little “wink”! Was it hard to do? Also, you must have one of the best behaved cats in the world!! Mine would’ve been attacking that little piece of yarn hanging down by it. I think my dogs would go after it too!

He likes the needles but not the yarn so much unless its tickling or moving!!! Dangling yarn not so much :aww: :aww: The shawl itself wasn’t hard…its all knit. The hardest part was getting the division at the right point but that’s counting and getting the markers in so you remember ave the YO’s in the same spot:cheering: