FO: Purple Scarf

I finished this scarf awhile ago, but thought I’d share since it was my first completed knitting project. I gave it as a gift as part of a holiday gift exchange.

I used this pattern: and I modified it to have a thicker border.

That came out beautiful! :yay:

that turned out very nice

Oh my, first project very successfully complete. It’s just lovely and made a wonderful gift. Thanks so much for letting us see it.

Absolutely stunning! This is your first project? I’m blown away! I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to part with a first project that turned out this gorgeous!

Thanks for the link to the pattern, too. May have to try it myself!

It is just gorgeous and I love purple so it is extra gorgeous. I kept looking at what you had it laying on trying to figure it out until I realized it was a table and chairs, DUH! :0)

Thank you!

I think I might make another one this winter for myself. I do really love the pattern and that first one did turn out nicely.

And yes, it is a glass table and chairs, and a sneaky dog lurking behind it.

I adore it! great work!


Beautiful job! Love the color and stitch pattern.

Wow, I would never-never, ever-ever-ever have guessed that it’s a first project. Beautiful!