FO-Purple Hat & Scarf

I posted this in the Feb. KAL also. Cashmerino Superchunky hat and scarf for my friend. I will give it to her later this week, when we go whale watching in Mexico! (The real color looks more like the one in the tree.)

I posted these in the FT Clogs thread, but they’re purple, so I’ll post them again here.

Those are so pretty!

Markette, I sent you a PM.

Oops … I had several tabs open in my browser window and meant to post that in the Feb KAL. :oops:

Edit to add: Pretty hat and scarf! I like purple, too :slight_smile:

No problem…I sorta thought that’s what happened. :doh:

lovely shade of purple, Jillle! have fun in mexico!

Those are really pretty.

I’m seeing a trend in Garter Stitch bands on knitting :slight_smile:

I don’t typically like the colour purple, but that shade is very nice :happydance:

Those are beautiful! What pattern did you use for the hat? I’m need to make a hat for my niece to match a scarf and that one looks fabulous. I’m using Misti Baby Alpaca yarn.


Nice work! The picture of them on the grass with petals is particularly pretty. Those are petals, right?

[size=2]I love your dog.[/size] :inlove: