FO-Pumpkin UPDATE -Pattern in post #43

Too cute!! :heart: The curl is adorable – can’t wait for the pattern!

That is adorable Jan. Great work. Look forward to the pattern.

Eventually this will get added to Ravelry downloads, but here you go for now.

Jan, that is the cutest thing!! How big is it? You are so smart!

:aww: Thanks! I guess I should measure, but it’s maybe a little larger than my fist.

Oh I love your little sig bear! Too cute! Nice to see you visiting! :hug:

I love it! Ya know, I was going to work on a pattern for a pumpkin too, but, this will save me some time :teehee:

What excellent timing you have, Jan! My DIL and I were talking about knitting and crocheting pumpkins, squash, anything that would go into a cornucopia.

Looks like an great pattern, as the models came out so cute.

That is the cutest pumpkin !! Thank you for posting the pattern too. You’ve done a great job!

I really appreciate the way you wrote the pattern … large enough font to read … instructions for a whole “part” of the project on one page (pix, materials page 1, body, i-cord page 2, leaf etc. page 3) I am always re-manipulating patterns in word so that a complete step is on one page … that way I don’t think I am finished and wonder what I have done wrong, just to turn the page and find out there is more.
Can’t wait to knit one !!! Thanks.

The pumpkins rock!

I am a new knitter and just figured out DPNs so I think I can tackle this pattern. I love little projects with new techniques for me to learn.

Thanks a million for the pattern!

It’s so adorable! :cheering:

Oh good! That is something that bugs me as well so I made an effort to organize it. I just hope the pattern itself is as easy to understand. It’s hard to write a pattern…things you do intuitively or to make something work can make things complicated.

Super cute!

Your pumpkin is so cute! I would love to have the pattern but my computer crashes everytime I click on the address to the pattern. I will try ravelry and hopefully it’s there. You are so gooooood Jan!!!

Excellent work! :notworthy:

Aww thanks! It’s on Rav now. Let me know if you can’t get it and I can send it to you.

I love your pumpkins. I’m saving your pattern. I just don’t know if I will have time to make some!

[I]Awesome! [/I]Thanks so much for taking the time to share your design. I have a new lunch project now :slight_smile:

Hi Jan, I made one and your pattern is perfect! Mine doesn’t look as good as yours because I tend to knit too tight, but here it is (hopefully). Thanks again for sharing your pattern.

Julie, it looks wonderful! Thanks so much for trying it out and I’m glad the pattern was okay! :yay: