FO-Pumpkin UPDATE -Pattern in post #43

There aren’t a lot of knitted pumpkin patterns available and what I found I wasn’t happy with so I created my own. I am working on the pattern now and will share it when it’s ready. This one is made with Plymouth Encore Worsted. It’s also posted in my Ravelry.

How utterly cute that is!!! And you’re so smart!!!

That is really cute. Nice work.

That is sooo cute :slight_smile: Can’t wait for the pattern.

That is so cute!!!and you made up the pattern…so talented

That is adorable. I am always amazed at ppl that can make their own. I have to follow a pattern.

Thanks for sharing!

This is simply adorable!! :hug:

Ooo, it’s adorable! I can’t wait to see the pattern. :slight_smile:

Oh what a lovely pumpkin!! That is just adorable! Makes me want to start on the pumpkin pies early this year. :slight_smile:

I love the pumpkin! You always make the cutest things! :heart:

Love the pumpkin!!! This what I have been searching for and I’m excited you are going to be sharing the pattern.

CUTE! I love it!!!:inlove:

Great job! Is much better than many of the others I’ve seen. I also admire those who make up their own patterns. Looking forward to seeing your pattern.

:yay:I Love it!!! That is great, you are right there aren’t a lot of good pumpkin patterns out there. Can’t wait for the pattern.

It really looks good!

That looks great.
I can’t wait for the pattern, it’s going to be fun to make up heaps of them and have them around the home (and driving DH nuttier than he already is) :slight_smile:

Wow…you are all so good for the ego! Thank you! :hug: It’s only been in the last few months that I’ve started messing around with things on my own and I’ve been knitting for 3 yrs this month. I just finished the second pumpkin (1 day project!) so I’ll be writing up the pattern and publishing it as soon as I can. :thumbsup:

Jan,That has to be the BEST pumpkin I have ever seen.:woohoo:Finally someone who knows what a REAL pumpkin looks like.:teehee: Can’t wait for you to write it up!!!

Ditto on what everyone else has said! it’s a PERFECT pumpkin Jan! Can’t wait for the pattern!!!

Can U please email me that pattern and picture?? I would love to make that later, after I start learning to knit!! How hard is that? Thats is VERY pretty!!