FO: Pumpkin Hat

My friend’s wife had a baby today. Since he’s an Oct. baby, I decided he needed a pumpkin hat. I got the pattern out of Itty Bitty Hats (which has the most adorable hats). It was pretty quick and easy. I started it last night and finished it this afternoon. I used Caron SS in Mango and Dark Sage. Hopefully it fits him.

That is tooooooo cute !!!

That’s so cute! :heart:

I love it. How cute is that! Itty Bitty Hats looks like a good book to have. The patterns are darling.:wink:

Adorable and what a cute gift it will be!

Oh my goodness that is too cute. I wonder how my 13 mth old would look like in it.

that is one of the cutest hats i have ever seen… adorable!

That hat is just darling!!! You really did a great job.

Too cute!:slight_smile:

aww that is so cute!! great job :thumbsup:

:inlove: That is adorable!!!

That is adorable. That book has some really cute patterns

That’s adorable!

That’s so darn cute! Great job:thumbsup:

That is just way beyond too precious!

How adorable is that?!! I’d love to see a pic with the wee one wearing that, if you are able to take one! I was given an adorable little hat for my firstborn daughter from our doc…I still have it and she is now 11 :passedout:. Things like this are treasured. :smiley:

Oh. My. Goodness. Soooo adorable. I definitely need to get this book. :yay:

The baby’s going to be a sweet little pumpkin :heart:! I love it!

Totally ADORABLE!!!

Ya know, I passed this book up before because I didn’t know anybody with a baby that I could knit for. But there are so many cute hats in this book and they all seem fairly quick and easy that I think I’m about to be on a baby hat kick. :teehee: