FO: Project Linus Blanket (finally!)

This is one of those projects that seemed to never end, but I finally got it off the needles! The overall picture shows what it looks like, but the closeup shows the color better. I knit it on size 11 needles; it would have been a lot better on size 10 or even 10.5, but oh, well. It’s Red Heart yarn, and it’s seems softer with the loose knit. I’m happy it’s done!!

Love the colors. Great work.

Very pretty!

Very pretty! Love the colors.

Beautiful work! :thumbsup:

I like that very much. Is it garter stitch with cables of knit stitch? Linus Project is some sort of charity isn’t it? This will be very much appreciated.

Yes, garter stitch except I purled the stitch before and after each cable on the right side. Project Linus gives blankets to kids in hospitals (


:inlove: very pretty!

Wow, those are some lucky puppies! They only get garter stitch from me! :lol: It’s beautiful!

Looks beautiful!:happydance: I am doing the scarves I just do a garter stitch but my co workers love them.
keep up the great work:knitting:

looks great! :thumbsup:

GREAT job!!! It’s beautiful! What a labor of love. :slight_smile:

This blanket is really wonderful! Wow! A work of art and a labor of love at the same time! Great job!!!