FO - Princess Snowball Cat Bed from SnB


Attached are two pictures of my Princess Snowball Cat Bed from the Stitch n’ Bee-otch book.

I made the large size, and before I stitched the sides up I stuffed them with some leftover batting to make it a bit more stable. I used Lion Brand Fun Fur in orange and white, Lion Brand Wool-Ease for the white base, Red Heart orange for the sides, and knitted it up on 10 1/2 circs.

This is going to be a birthday gift for my friend who has two cats and :heart: the color orange.

Wow! Great job! I keep wanting to do that one, maybe now I will!
I hate working with fun fur though, so maybe some chenille yarn that I have??:??

That’s cute! I’m sure your friend’s cats will love it.

That’s the same exact colors I was going to use for my cat’s!!! She’s a big Vol’s fan!:teehee: It looks great, thanks for the inspiration for me to get started on it!

:inlove: very cool! I love it! :inlove:

cute- just right for kitty princesses. I keep meaning to try this pattern

Y’all’s projects never fail to amaze me! It’s adorable!

Is this felted? Regardless it looks great! And her cats will sooooo enjoy the new bed!!

Thanks for all the kind words everyone! :muah:
Mulderknitter[/B] - I think chenille would work well and look very cool.

[B]Duckling326 - [/B]No, it’s not felted. It’s the Fun Fur that gives it that fuzzy, needs to be shaved appearance. :lol: You might be thinking of the Kitty Pi bed, which I think is a felted cat bed.

Yup I made the Kitty Pi, your’s is very cute!

I have made 2 kitty pi beds (see avatar) but I like yours so much, I might try that next time! Great job!

That is very cute.

I have tons of Fun Fur :ick: yarn, I agree it’s not fun to knit with.


I just cast on for this and I’m already about 3 inches into and on the second set of increasing:muah: The pattern is kind of weird to follow, I messed up ( I think ) the first round of increases, but I will just adjust when I get to that part of decreasing. I’m using lion’s cheneille thick & quick, and didn’t bother with a gauge check. I have 2 cats, one 20 lbs and the other 10 lbs, so no matter what it ends up being someone will like it. I really like how soft the yarn is and how it hides any mistakes!:cheering:

Very cute! I like the idea about stuffing it with batting. I have half of one done but need to get around to finishing it!

[B]Mulderknitter[/B] - Did you finish your cat bed? I also screwed up on mine and missed an increase row, but you can’t tell at all.

No, I didn’t finish the cat bed yet. I made the base though, and it’s just waiting for me to figure out how to make the sides. since i’m using different yarn I think I might make the sides extra wide and fold them in half and stuff them. That might cure my sss! working garter stitch forever!:roflhard:

I like this kitty bed… Now i’ll have to make my kitties something nice…:rofling:

Beautiful! :notworthy:

[SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid]That is [SIZE=4]so cute!!! I love it. And what a great idea about the batting. I made a kitty pi bed and it turned out absolutely flat. what a disappointment but my cats like it anyhow. I’m going to make another one now, you’ve inspired me![/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[B]Mulderknitter[/B] - I know what you mean about the garter stitch. I knit this after I finished my very first lace shawl that had a 9 row repeat pattern. It was so nice to do something that I didn’t have to think about, and then you hit the side and it never seems to end!

[B]Mer[/B] - Did you finish the other half of your cat bed??

[B]KnittingNat[/B] and [B]VictoiseC[/B] - I can’t wait to see pictures of your cat beds!

I still have a few more days to wait until my friend’s birthday to give her the cat bed. Hopefully I’ll get some pics of her cats lounging in it. :lol: