FO -Pretty Cable Yoke Cardigan

I love it!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product! :o)

Thanks Evan! :slight_smile:
I actually finished it some time ago, but I’m not supposed to post or blog about it anywhere else. You can find it in my Flickr photostream, though. :wink:

Ooh, Sandy it came out great! Looks fabulous on you!!

Thank you, Margaret! :hug:

My completed sweater is posted on the Bernat Blog today, so I can post it here now!

…I think I’m going to have to make myself one of these. It looks great! (But, oh, I hate picking up stitches! :gah: )

Hi Allie!
I hate picking up stitches too! I got over my hate though, by forging on to complete the sweater. I’m glad I persevered, because I love my new sweater! cloud9

I love your new sweater too!

Thanks Melanie!