FO -Pretty Cable Yoke Cardigan

This month, I’m working on a pretty cable yoke sweater for the Bernat Blog. I love how it looks so far! :heart:

The pattern is in Bernat’s “Cold Front” pattern book, and is called “Cable Yoke Sweater”.

Oooo pretty!

Pretty, pretty…and that color is gorgeous!


Very Nice!!!

that’s really nice! and it’s inspiring me to think of pattern design in new ways! :smiley: THANKS!

Nice work once again!

Oh, Sandy, I am loving how this looks also. Beautiful.

Cute little cropped jacket! Short sleeves! Interesting!

Thank you all for the kind compliments! :muah:
I’m really enjoying seeing this cardigan take shape.

I love the color too! It’s Bernat Rovingyarn in the color “Lazuli”.

It has been a very interesting pattern to knit. I started out making the cable panel, then had to pick up over 200 stitches along the side to make the tiny stockinette section. Then bound off and picked up almost 100 stitches to knit the design for the body. I’m definitely getting my “pick and knit” practice with this project! :teehee:

It will be much longer when I’m done. And the sleeves are on stitch holders right now, to be finished up later. Here’s a photo of how it should look when it’s done.

There is also a shorter version. My sister is making this one in the “Putty” color.

Ooh!! Very pretty, indeed :heart: Can’t wait to see the FO!

Going to be very pretty!!! Love the color you chose! Can’t wait to see it finished!

Looks fabulous! You always do great work … I’m sure the finished product will be amazing! :cheering:

Lookin great so far! Love the color you chose!

That is just beautiful, Sandy! I love the color!

I love it too Shandeh. Especially the color you chose.

I love that color!! Great work as always…you make it look so easy!

Thank you all for the love! :slight_smile:
I’m still working on it - just passed the halfway mark on the length. Making progress! :thumbsup:

Holy cow this will turn out super!

I love that pattern! And I love your choice of colors as well. And that’s saying something as I’m not really a “blue” person. I can’t wait to see it finished. So far it’s looking fantabulous.

Today, the Bernat Blog shows my cardigan! :slight_smile:

My sister made one too. Neat!