FO - Premie hat

A friend of mine gave birth to her baby at 29 weeks (well, she was either 29 weeks or 31 weeks, the doctors aren’t sure of her true due date). But, either way, the baby was 4 pounds 18.25 inches and absolutely beautiful. She’s thriving in the NICU and mom gets to try to breastfeed today. They think she’ll be there another month at least.

So, while being on semi-bed rest myself, I made her a hat. It’s Bernat Softee Baby, knit on US 6 needles. I had to frog back 3 rounds near the end when I realized I’d made a catastrophic mistake. I also had help tying the knot on top, as I’d made the i-cord too short.

I hope she likes it!

Why would she not like it, it is gorgeous! Glad the baby is doing well.

It’s adorable and i’m sure your friend will love it! Hope the baby is out of the hospital soon Crossed Fingers

I’m so glad the baby is doing well. I’m sure the mom will love the hat, you made it for them, she has to!

How are you doing?

That is so cute and love the swirly pattern!

Not so well…I’m stuck in bed on DH’s laptop. Every time I get up, I start getting back pains mixed with crampy contractions. It’s too regular for me to assume it’s just back pain. DH has asked that I stay in bed as much as possible, but it’s hard because I’m totally nesting, so everything needs to get cleaned. I have this powerful urge to do laundry, vacuum, and clean the bathrooms today. I got the “baby’s area” cleared out this morning and I’m beat now. Time to prop the pillows up and knit some more.

That’s so cute!

STAY IN BED! You don’t have long left and you can nest when the baby comes. :hug:

I love this hat, the knot on top is too cute!

Take it easy… not easy to do when you’re nesting- I know! I spent much of my labor with my daughter still trying to fix our vacuum to clean clean clean some more!

Which is TOTALLY out of character for me…:whistle:

Best of luck! :hug:

Very pretty hat! Hope everything goes well for you on bed-rest.

Very cute - hope you are feeling well during your last month of pregnancy! :hug:

Of course she’ll like it-she’ll LOVE it!! How could she not, its the most precious little hat!! It’s very sweet of you to do this for her-I know from personal experience (my DD was born at 23wk/6days and was in the hospital for 11 weeks-she’s 4 now!). It will mean so much to her.

btw, the best wishes to you and your own little one!

She will love it! Very cute…:happydance:

Take it easy and listen to your dh!! I know that is easier said than done…but try :hug:

Cute hat! So glad to hear the baby is doing well.

What a darling hat! I knitted up this pattern a couple of times last year. Your’s turned out lovely.

Hang in there…I was on bedrest with each of my pregnancies. I totally feel your frustration about not being able to get up.


Lovely little hat! I like the way it swirls around and…of course I love the i-cord knot on top. Congratuations to your friend and take care of yourself.