FO-Prayer Shawl

This is a prayer shawl I made for one of my best friend’s mom. My friend has just started radiation for a tumor she had growing in her parotid (saliva) gland. Just a couple of weeks after this major, 16 hr survery (the did reconstruction at the same time) her 42 year old athletically fit brother dropped dead of a massive heart attack. Let’s just say 2010 has come in with a bang. A month after that her mom and step dad had to put their dog down. Our S&B group all participated in knitting a shawl for my friend and I wanted to make one for her mom as well. Didn’t get a pic of the group one but this is the one I made. I used RH Soft and size 11 needles. It’s the Misti Alpaca Ribs and Ruffles scarf pattern - I just left of the ruffle and put on fringe instead:


I love that, it looks so warm and comfy to snuggle in. Wonderful work.

Very nice Wanda…it’s so even and I love the color.

Lovely, Wanda. I’m sure your friend’s mom will cherish your shawl for a long time to come.


So lovely. So elegant! I do like the soft sheen of the yarn!
Good work! Right from the heart!

Gosh…what a sad couple of months already! The shawl is LOVELY! The color is very soothing, and the fringe provides the perfect finishing touch.

You’re a good friend.


:inlove: Love this shawl! Nice work.