FO: Ponytail hat, cowl, and mittens set

I feel like starting with ‘Sorry to bother you again’ :slight_smile: But here it is. Finished.

This set is a late Christmas gift for my friend. The hat has an opening for the ponytail (I should make myself one), the cowl and mittens are made to match the hat and her black coat. Here is the pattern for the hat

Great Job!
I have been knitting and crocheting hats for yrs with a hole for my ponytail to stick out the back but mine were never as fancy as your…Great Job!

Thanks! It is a very good hat design. I ran a search on Ravelry and asked my friend what kind of hat she likes. She chose this one right away and lucky for me it was a free pattern :slight_smile:


Is the hat more of a beanie so the bottom of the ears show? I can’t tell if it’s just the picture or if I just do mine longer. I usually knit about 6-7 inches from the edge to the first decrease. Just curious.

What a beautiful set! Depending on the weather, it will be great come St. Patrick’s Day, too. Love it!!!:heart: I have to try the hat and cowl myself. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me. :thumbsup: Is there a free pattern link for the cowl?

You really do such lovely knitting.

Oh, please, “bother” us some more. You’re knitted work is so much fun to see. This is just a lovely set in a fabulous color. What a wonderful gift for your friend.

How very pretty! That green is gorgeous! :drool:

Yeah, it is, what’s the color called?

Yes, it is like a beanie. Which is a good thing for her face type, so she can have her forehead open and her ‘bangs’ out.

Thank you! There is no written pattern for the cowl, it’s my freestyling. However, it’s very easy to make.

It is basicaly a turtleneck that gets wider with one row of increases.

Make a swatch of 3x2 ribbing over 20 stitches and measure it. Decide how many stitches you need for a comfortable fit. I think I had around 110 st but it was too scrunchy and was choking me gently, so I had to block it over a round object to make it a bit larger.

Cast on a desired number of stitches with a German or any other stretchy cast on. Proceed in k3p2 pattern for a desired length. (I was using 16’ circular needles and then put it to 36’ circulars for fiting process).

When you reach desired length for the neck, start increasing. Add one M1 between 2 purl stitches. (Pick up yarn between the stitches and purl through back loop). Proceed in 3x3 ribbing until you get bored, cast off loosely. That’s it :slight_smile:

(By the way, the hat is made holding thread double for the chunky look)

The yarn is Cascade 220, colour 8894. It doesn’t look as green on their website but it is in real life :slight_smile:

That set is absolutely gorgeous, Olha! I love green, and your knitting is divine! Please bug us with some more pictures of finished objects soon! We like it! It’s very inspiring!!! In fact, it might even inspire me to finish something.

They are beautiful and I just love the color!!!

Oh my, don’t ever apologize for posting new projects! That’s what we’re all here for!
To be inspired by other’s knitting! :heart:

This is a very nice set! Clean lines! Good color!

And wow…your photography is always so crisp!