So I finished another Poncho for Atlanta. Don’t mind the dirty face she was having a sucker that has funny teeth on it and well she is 2 so it gets everywhere. Can’t really tell but the color is pink and brown.

Cute, she looks very happy with it.

In ten years, she’s going to [I]hate[/I] you for taking this picture :slight_smile: but she and the poncho are very cute.


LOL , i fully agree about this photo coming to back to bite you in the butt when she is olde hehehe But the poncho is lovely :slight_smile:

:yay: it looks great and she is a cutie…I love pink/brown combos :happydance:

I too love the pink and brown. When I told my son he was like eeewwww pink and brown but once he saw it together he thought it was ok.

That turned out great! It looks good on your daughter!