FO-Poncho and Hat

That’s my 9 year old Jazzie Jasmine. I did the hat on a loom, and the poncho is from an OLD book (1972) that was in my mom’s knitting bag which I just had given to me. SHe had a set of the BOYE interchangeables, I think they’re from the 60’s. And cool old pattern books. The best thing about this poncho is NO SEAMING NEEDED. NONE. It’s just plain worsted yarn, with the eyelash stuff added in. I crocheted an edge with it at the end, to prevent curling.


I’ll bet she loves that! So cute!

Great colors!

Very cute – she looks adorable in it!

too cute model & FOs :smiley:

Cute, cute, cute!!! :heart: :cheering:

Now how cute is SHE in her poncho and matching hat and TIGHTS?? CUTE!

What fun wearables! I love the colors. Great job! :thumbsup:

The poncho and hat are darling, and so is Jazzie Jasmine! :smiley: