FO - Pomo-whatchamacallit socks

Hey, y’all!

I know it’s been forever since I’ve been on…I have a good excuse, though. I was out working on my tan the whole month of Jan. :mrgreen: Really, I needed to escape the blah-ness of NYC for a little while. Now, I’m back and freezing my heinie off. :frowning:

While I was away, I managed to finally finish up these dang socks. I’ve been working on them FOREVER.

More info on my blog.

The yarn is from our very own CindyH and is absolutely what makes the socks so fabulous. Thanks, chica!!

The pattern is knitty’s pomatomus

Oh my gosh! Those are absolutely gawgeous! :notworthy:

Hah, I already left a comment on your blog, but you can’t hear it too many times: your pomatomi are gorgeous!!! Love them!

beautiful color! :heart:

Good night! I haven’t tackled socks yet, but yours are the only ones that have had a chance to make me convert!! Stunning!! :cheering:

Aww, thanks everyone for your awesome comments!
You make a knitter feel lurved… :hug:


They are beautiful! :cheering: :cheering:

I’ve looked at this pattern several times, but haven’t tackled it yet. Was the pattern part really hard? I have several sock yarns in my stash and would love to attempt these.

Oh yeah, haven’t seen you around for a while. Lucky you, getting to escape the blah. Your hippopotamous socks look, as people here say, “loverly”.

Beautiful, Sharon! The yarn is just lovely! Cindy’s colors are so fantastic!

Very nice and love the color!

So very pretty I love the color for me a pair in pinks me thinks!

I love them!!! You rock! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

That pattern is so cool and I love the colour!

I’m with all of them.

The look amazing and the pattern is :happydance: and the yarn is :heart:


Thank you!! :muah: :muah:

Deb, the pattern really isn’t all that difficult - it’s not rocket science. All it is is just a bunch of purls, yo’s, and knit-through-the-back loop. The instructions are pretty clear, and it’s blaringly obvious when you’ve made a mistake. My biggest thing with it is just that I found myself having to constantly look at the chart, so they seemed to go by so slowly.

You all should make these! They’re time-consuming (for me, at least), but they’re gorgeous! Oh, and use Cindy’s delcious yarn! :wink:

I love em’ … they have such pizazz~!! :cheering:

those are awesome!