FO pointy hat

I finished my FIRST hat!!! Its a Civil War sleeping cap. It’s 100% wool. The yellow and purple are handspun/dyed and the burgundy and blue are tapestry wool I picked up for a $1 a skein:yay:

Here it is on the guy I made it for:rofl: He says that it looks like he’s a funky smurf…it does have a smurfy quality and well I do love the rainbowy, stripy look…

hmmm…doens’t want to pull pics upp…arg

You clicked insert link instead of insert image. The photos are too large to post here though anyway. Choose a smaller size (no more than 800x600) and try again.

Neat! I love historical knitting.

I like the colors you put together! Good work!

i tried the small one again but still failed…as long as the link works :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m modifying the pattern for me but it was so much easier that a thought!!!

THanks…the theory at events is the crazier the colors the better…apparently victorians loved crazy combos;)

It turned out great! :slight_smile:

What a neat cap! I think I have that pattern from one of the historical knitting pattern sites. It’s nice to see a modern picture of it.

I added them for you. I think you may not be clicking the correct icon. It’s this one . If you put the jpg link in there the photos show. If you use the one that looks like this you just get a link. If you are clicking the right one and pasting the jpg link then I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe your computer is throwing a tantrum and needs a time out. :lol:

You’re right I think I was doing it wrong…only read part of the directions:teehee:

It was a surprisingly easy pattern! I plan on getting several done before the event in Selma at the end of April to see if they’ll sell…who knows