FO: Pink teddy bear in a tutu


I have a pink teddy bear too, and she is wearing a tutu :slight_smile:

As always, the story behind is here.


That is some tutu! She is really cute.

Very cute, Olha . . . . except her hoo-hoo is showing! :teehee:

Just kidding! You done good–as always!

Thanks you, guys!

I see this bear generates some juicy comments :slight_smile: Well, I have to admit that her torso is unreasonably long because I was knitting in the car without actually looking at it and probably got carried away somewhere midbear :slight_smile:

Oh, she’s a cutie alright. And surely being long-waisted is a plus to break into the corps de ballet!

I think she looks just fine! She’s adorable!

How adorable :aww:

Too too cute!

I always love your photography, Olha!

Very cute! The tutu is very clever!