FO: Pink Star Hat and Purple Lotus Hat

I’m a hat making fool! Two today - one for my swap partner and one for my neighbor who’s having a birthday soon. She has that total “Ski bunny” kinda look, and loves pink so I’m pretty sure this is the perfect hat for her :oD

And my swap partner loves purple, lace and Malabrigo - so here’s a purple Malabrigo Silky lace hat!!!

(At some point I need to find a better decrease for the colorwork hats… after all the trouble I went through to make sure the stripe didn’t jog, the decreases made it do just that :o/ )

That is a totally cute hat, one I should bookmark for next winter as my DGD is into pink and purple.

From your pictures the decreases don’t spoil the color line of the hat at all.

Which LYS in Portland is your favorite? When I travel to any of them, always seem to land up in Yarn Garden.

Thank so much!!! I guess it’s the OCD part of me that wants the line to sit perfectly parallel to the bottom line (or the dance teacher in me lol!)

There’s a fairly new yarn shop, which opened this last September and I am in love with everyone there, it’s called Happy Knits and it’s actually just down the street from Yarn Garden (another goody!). I think the timing of me looking for a LYS right after I started knitting in August and Happy Knits opening, plus meeting SO many wonderful people was just perfect. It’s actually nowhere near where I live, yet I go at least twice a week :o)

Wow, both are beautiful! Love the snowflake colorwork.

You really do great work … I especially like the snowflake one. I can’t believe you only started knitting in August! Fabulous! :cheering:

They are both beautiful Evan!

They are really pretty! Evan, you are becoming a super great knitter!

Wow, those are gorgeous!

Such great work, Evan! I get into “hat rolls” myself! And scarves!
They’re so much fun, quick, and addicting!!!

Wow Evan!! Both turned out gorgeous!!! Love the colorwork on the white hat and the lace pattern on the pink one is perfect!! Great job!

What jog?? Seriously Evan, those are some cute little hats!

You have great taste in hats Evan.:woot:

Oh my gosh…that Pink Star Hat is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!