FO: Pink Sox...ugly but comfy

Fresh OTN and onto my feet. Blocking them might have made a better picture but [I]I wanted to get them on my feet now![/I] and blocking takes time. Pink Sox worked in Sock-Ease Lollipop on U.S. sz O needles. I used waffle rib on the tops then switched to smaller (yes, smaller) needles for the ribbing at the top. I think I used U.S. sz 000 needles on the ribbing as I have nothing to measure them with but they seem to be the smallest in the set of sock dpns (needles? more like skewers or instuments of torture!) that arrived just in time for me to injure myself on as I worked the ribbing. I have battle scars! :wink: Along the way I discovered a dropped stitch way back and I wasn’t going to frog so I picked it up with a crochet hook and worked it up as far as I could then secured it on the inside with a bit of leftover yarn. My new Pink Sox aren’t a show piece but warm sox is warm sox and I like them. The best part is they fit my feet. I have really long toes, you might be able to tell from the picture. I had a terrible time with keeping my tension even and ended up with laddering as I rarely see, but all in all I’m OK with them and my feet thank me for saving their soles.

To anyone knitting socks for the first time: Don’t think they have to be perfect to be worthwhile! :thumbsup: Some days, good enough is good enough. I’ve done better and you will too.

They look warm and wonderful from here: gorgeous, glorious pink and a perfect fit too! Happy socks and feet.

I think they’re cute and you did a great job on them!

Love the color…warm and dry is the best!!

They are not ugly at all! I like both the color and the pattern. :cheering:

Thank you, but, um, did I fail to mention I made them up as I went along? :teehee: I used the sock formula I got from Lifestyle Socks but this time used the Fleegle heel, then got tired of stockinette and switched to the waffle rib, decided that was too loose for the top of the cuff and tortured myself with dpns. So…no pattern. They’re actually too warm for me to wear them most days, I need them for when my feet start to turn blue.

I think that the socks are fantastic!!!

Definitely NOT UGLY! Pink could never be ugly!

Nice work!