FO - Pink set

I made this last year.

That is pretty I love the cables & color

Oh my gosh! Those are GORGEOUS!

What yarn and patterns did you use?

Very, very, very pretty!

Oooo, very pretty! :heart:

that is very beautiful is it for you? what yarn and pattern did you use?

That’s gorgeous! Love the cables.

That’s beautiful!

:happydance: very pretty!

Very pretty

I think it’s lovely!:thumbsup:

Lovely! A beautiful shade of pink, looks very soft and thick and I love all your cabling.

That is beautiful! Can you tell us where to find the pattern?

Beautiful work . I just love that shade of pink too:)

Beautiful. I love the yarn, pattern and color.

Thank you all for your nice words. I am glad you like it.

The yarn I use is one cheap acrylic yarn. Here it is:

I don’t have a pattern, someone explaine to me how to do it.

My english is not so good, but I will try to explain to you if you really want.