FO: Pink Cabled Cardi

Phew. Finally done! I am really loving this cardigan. Especially due to the ‘springiness’ of the yarn. I watched a KDTV-Series 900 video where Eunny Jang and Clara Parkes were talking about ‘springy’ yarns. Yarns that are spun with a lot of plies and twist have more ‘energy’ built into the yarn itself. Energy = Springiness. I’ve always wondered why some yarns have ‘spring’ and others don’t. Great info. Yarns that are springy create a sweater with lots of give. I like that. It’s very comfortable. No binding, no strain.


Accurate color, taken in daylight:

Rav notes

Here is a closseup of the yarn. See how round the strand is? See all the plies?

As I disassembled the yarn…I discovered 8 plies total. Each two (plies) were twisted
and plied together, then the 4 twisted 2-plies were spun into the final plump, round yarn!

This resulted in a very ‘energetic’ yarn! Nice and springy!

Oh that’s purty. It’s like a breath of spring. I like it. Beautifully done. Good info, thanks for sharing it too.

That is beautiful!!

Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Your work is always exquisite. All stitches so even, no pulls around your cables, perfect finishing…perfect tension. And excellent pattern, yarn color selections. You don’t even have a problem with flaring when you cast-off ribbing! sigh I’d ask you how you do it but I’m kind of afraid of your answer. ARE you a new type of knitting machine? Lol!

The real answer is probably the difference between natural talent and experience (you) and a real desire but no natural talent (me). Oh well, my grandkids love the stuff I make (and I am still gonna try to get that good)!

The only tip I have for casting off when the stitches on my needle are ribbing is: knit the knits and purl the purls as you go…or as the pattern might state: bind off [I]in pattern[/I].

For this sweater, it was knit from the bottom up, so I cast on for the ribbing. There is a special cast on for ribbing, too, but I forgot to use it! I just did the ole longtail cast on.

Thanks for all your kind words! :hug:

Oh, just flat-out gorgeous, again. The yarn looks perfect in the pattern and the color is so soft and pretty. What yarn is it, btw? I haven’t seen the 900 series yet but Clara Parkes certainly does know yarn. Good lesson on energetic yarn, thank you.

I really love it and love the color too!

Each segment of the new 900 Series has a ‘sit down’ with Clara Parkes and Eunny Jang. Clara shares information about yarns. I learned a lot from this 900 Series. Very informational. I liked hearing what Clara has to say. She’s like a yarn scientist. I respect her views and reports about yarn more than any other ‘expert’. She isn’t promoting one yarn over another. She makes no money by talking up a particular yarn. I’ve found her yarn analyses to be spot on. Much to my chagrin…I wish I’d read some of her analyses [B]before purchasing[/B] some yarns that were awful. Well, at least I know why now…:pout:

Oh! I have a few skeins of Pure Merino, but haven’t used it yet. It’s one of the few wools that look and feel (to the hand anyway) like I might be able to tolerate it. I should get a few more and attempt a scarf or cowl.

Here is a Garland Cowl I’m tempted to knit. Free pattern; uses only 180-200 yds.


Beautiful! I’m exhausted just looking at all that cableing… Nicely done is beautiful color! :cheering:

The yarn made it very easy work! I didn’t need a cable needle! The stitches stood tall and proud in cooperation for the cable-needle-less method of crossing them! A real blessing!

I just saw this and might have to give it a try with my Pure Merino.

I like it, too… but it seems sorta flat. Great pattern stitch!

They seem to use about the same yardage, but the Garland Cowl is much longer it would seem. :think: When doubled, it stands up taller.

They’re both great stash busters!!!

Yeah, I think this one is more decorative than for warmth. It could be the yarn used in this particular picture, too. I’ll have to check. I’m not ready to do anything else right now. I want to finish at least a couple of my WsIP. :lol:

This is the photo that gives me pause:

click here

Hmm… you’re right. That doesn’t look warm at all and if I’m going to the trouble to knit a wool cowl it should be warm. :thumbsup: The one you posted is much heavier looking. I favorited the you linked to because I do like it. :thumbsup:

I’m about to start Kaari with Pure Merino. I got it on closeout and I’m very nervous about knitting with it exactly because of that lovely springiness. Regrettably, I’m used to much cheaper yarns and Pure Merino is throwing off my tension! :wink:
I don’t usually knit more than one small gauge swatch but with this I’m having to knit several because I’m getting different results. It’s the first time I’ve had to be organized and take notes on my gauge swatches.

Sometimes it pays to start with the sleeves when you’re unsure of your tension even after swatching a lot. Do BOTH SLEEVES before the body. With the sleeves…work up to the armholes on each BEFORE knitting the sleeve caps. By the time you’ve knit both sleeves from cuff to armpits, you’ll have a good handle on your tensioning. Then do the sleeve caps. Then knit your body pieces.