FO: Pink booties

It’s a simple project but I did use a [I]pattern[/I]! (Thanks Cindy! )

The spell is broken! :slight_smile: The pattern was nicely written and easy to follow. The only modification I made is using mattress stitch instead of a whip stitch on the sole.

Now, see if I can come up with a complimentary sweater in time or manage another pattern for a hat :slight_smile:

Awww! Those are just adorable!

Those are very cute booties. I can’t wait to see the sweater or hat that you do to go with. Yes, many thanks to Cindy for the pattern.

Too cute! The only booties I ever made might fit a CAT, but they certainly wouldn’t fit any newborn I know!

Yours, though, are perfect!

And watch out pattern world, here she comes!

LOL! And thanks!

You’re welcome! You did a great job! Here’s an easy pattern for a top down sweater. I’ll warn you to read the whole pattern, though. It’s poorly written. I kept doing all the increases for this until it looked as if it would fit a five year old. Six inches into the knitting, the author goes, oh by the way you were supposed to stop increasing when your stitch count reached such and such. Thanks a lot!

Thanks. I have a neat formula for top down sweaters that doesn’t require patterns. I like the the colours though.

A bit off topic: sometimes I wonder if people who design for children actually have kids… I looked up so many baby dresses and cardigans and they seem very impractical in terms of construction – wide, lacy, no buttons. They are very cute and lovely for taking pictures at home but questionable for puting a baby in a carseat or just holding a hungry crying 6 months old :slight_smile:

I remember that my ever favourite for this age was a cotton cardigan hoodie with cotton lining. Snug, comfortable, versatile and cute. I kept those even though they were store bought.

That is so true! They should be easy to put on, easy to get off when you’ve got a messy diaper and washable! :lol:

Sigh! [COLOR=Red][I][B]IN LOVE! [/B][/I][/COLOR]

I just have to knit some baby booties some day…if only for my teddy bears!

Adorable, I love them!!

The booties are adorable! Thank you, Olha. I recently visited Halifax and loved it.

Cute little pink booties. I’ve always like that style for looks; I don’t know how well they stay on. :slight_smile: Goes very well with the pink hat you made. :muah:

Where can I find the pattern for these booties??