FO: Pink baby hat

So this is the hat to go with the booties. It’s loosely based on this free pattern with modifications to the number of stitches, decreases, i-cord shape.

How adorable and perfect to go with the slippers. I love the I-cord top, too.

A perfect hat to go with the booties! So cute!

Very cute! I do love the shade of pink, and the soft luster of the yarn! As usual, GREAT WORK!!!

Aaaw, very cute !

So, ummmm, does this mean the kid’s going to be a “knot head”? :teehee:

Very cute hat indeedy!!

Hope not! I just made another one for my own child!!! Oh, wait, phew, I left this one untied :slight_smile: (pictures to follow) :slight_smile: