FO - Pink Baby Booties

Finished the pink booties this morning. I hope the mother likes them.

Awww. My new granddaughter would love those :wink:
They would look nice without the ribbons, but the ribbons make them look darling.
Nice job!

BRAVO :yay: they are adorable!!!:happydance:

Great job, Mason…they look adorable. I’m sure they will be treasured. :hug:


Very cute.

[B]AND[/B] you made them [B]WITHOUT[/B] a pattern too!!! You are such a talented man! They are very cute Mason. Keep up the good work.

Love them :yay:

They look great and how could the mother-to-be not love them and keep them as heirlooms-to-be. :thumbsup:

Awww they are so cute! :thumbsup:

Great job, these are adorable.

Awww! So sweet. Great job, Mason.


Awww, they’re so adorable!

Mason, they are adorable. I’m going to tell you this, but I say this as a friend; if they don’t smoke, you better get the smoke smell out, before giving it to them. Please tell me that I didn’t overstep.

Aw, they’re just darling. I love the ribbons. Great job!

any mama with a baby girl on the way will love them. they are just so cute

They’re absolutely precious!! I’m sure they’ll be very much appreciated :heart:

Awwww…so adorable! She will LOVE THEM! :heart:

They’re adorable . . . any baby would be proud to wear them.

For some reason the thought of you going in to buy a quarter yard of pink ribbon cracks me up.

Oh, they turned out so cute! Nice touch with the ribbon. I’m sure the mom will be thrilled with a handmade set of booties for her baby.