FO - Pineapple Baby Hat

I made this hat for a coworker who just had a baby. I think it’s a riot. The pattern was interesting. It doesn’t say it anywhere, but the pineapple texture knits up on the INSIDE of your work, so you flip it inside out then put the fronds on. Very clever! You can find the free pattern here. She has other hilarious baby hats like a turkey, a cupcake, a viking helmet.

Very cute hat . Sounds like you enjoyed making it :slight_smile:

Very cute and the stitch really does look like a pineapple.

:teehee: It’s adorable!

That’s really cute!

That’s so cute!!! I love it. I wish I had a baby to make it for now. Just not one of my own :roflhard:

How sweet is that! Good job!

With all the Anne Geddes photos going on, this is a must do project for whichever friend has a baby next! Thanks for the link and the great model!

Totally cute…I love it! :muah:

What a fun hat! Will be so cute on a baby.

That’s a great hat!

How cute!

I love it!!! It’s a hoot! I would have loved to have had something like that to put on my children when they were babes.

GREAT job!

cutest thing!! :yay: :blooby: :woohoo:

LOVE IT!!! I am going to check out those patterns. I can just see that on my little girl (if only for a short amount of time!)

:yay: aww that is too cute!! Great job!

ow that’s soo cute! Nice work!

sooooo cute!!!

How cute! You did a great job!

That is TOO cute :heart: