FO: pillow cover

Once i learned my lesson about figuring my gauge, i decided to make a pillow cover for my youngest daughter. it’s made from this super soft, fuzzy yarn (Angel Hair) in pinks, blues and greens to match her bedroom. i finished it at 1am today <yawn>.


Lovely and she looks like she loves her pillow too :slight_smile:

That is super cute! Nice job. Staying up 'til 1am finishing it? Sounds like YOU need to use it rather than your daughter. :O)

Love the colors, my favorite too, your daughter is a doll and the pillow is super.

Really cute. I like the color.

Nice job, she does look like she likes it!

So cute, and she loves it too!

Very nice and useful. I’ll bet it was worth it just to see the smile on her face.:slight_smile:

She looks like she loves it!! Don’t you just love the feeling of being able to make someone else so happy? Beautiful job!

Great job! I like it.

aww she looks so happy…great job :happydance:

She’s a little doll! And proud of her pretty new pillow!

thank you all! it is such a good feeling to finish a project and to make someone so happy is just icing on the cake. My Daughter LOVES her pillow and sleeps with it every night.