FO:- (pic on pg2) I must be nuts... Mobius wrap

I’m attempting a Mobius wrap in cotton. It’s coming up to summer here, so I don’t need a scarf (yet), and I wanted something lacy to wear at Christmas…

Keep your fingers crossed!!!


I am doing one myself
I tried to just learn enough of the cast on to be able to do it (why else climb mount everest?)
it turned out to be WAY TOO easy
the starting row was a bit hard, but since then its just going and going and going
its about 7" wide at this point
and still have 2-3 inches to go

are you enjoying knitting yours?

They go really fast once you get the CO and first row done.


I’ve had to frog twice so far… :S

First time I put on twice as many stitches as I needed…

Second time the pattern I was trying just didn’t work… so… I’ve started again, using the Cat Bordhi pattern, but increasing the amount of lace, as it’s for summer :smiley:


I’ve had to frog YET again…

This time?? I can’t friggen count… :S


:hug: Stay with it! I bet it’ll be beautiful! I bought some yarn at Stitches Midwest (cashmere :inlove: ) to make one that I saw on KG with Cat Bordhi! I still haven’t tried it yet.

It’s real easy to lose track while casting on. Just shut yourself away with no distractions until you’re done with that part. Hang in there!


Another frog… ARGH!!

This time… something happened to one of my YO’s and no matter HOW I tried to fix it, it kept getting worse…

My Mobius is cursed!!!


I’ve done two mobius scarves so far. The first was alpaca on a #8 40" needle; the second, handspun angora on a #11 47". When I took that baby off the needles, it hung down around the floor! (I’m 5’5".) :roflhard:

I just gotta learn to guage that length!

yeah I understand that
its gonna be a mystery as to just how long it is untill you bind off
Guage is one thing, this never quite comes out as expected
I am really enjoying mine, but I M only doing the K2rows, Purl 2 Rows pattern, with color change in-between the 2 of the same stitch
sounds wonky, but it looks REALLY nice and helps to blend the colors
next time I may change it to 3 rows of each
but then again, the next one I plan to do is for ME, and is a varrigated yar with rapid change
intead of intentional striping


I’m wanting to try a mobius scarf but I don’t have a long enough needle-- guess I had better get to the LYS :slight_smile:

I’ve done them on 36". They were larger, like 11 or 13 and I think that helped. With a smaller needle you may need the longer length. I also used a 29 and 36 together and that was easier.


edited to change last sentence…

Good to know :slight_smile: That way if a 47" isn’t in stock, if they have a 36" or 40" I could go for that! I was worried about whether they would have long enough needles in stock

Here’s my progress :smiley:

Ooooh, neato! Which pattern stitch are you using?


It’s a variation on the one Cat Bhordi did on Knitty Gritty. Basically it’s a multiple of 5.


In about 2" time I’ll do a couple of rows of YO K2Tog lace and then 2 rows of garter stitch.


Thanks. I want to do another of these and am collecting ideas.



And not a moment too soon :smiley:

Wow that is GORGEOUS!

Yours is looking good!!

I’m knitting one too…after I got over the cast on and frogging it’s gone fast. Hope it turns out. I using trendsetter dune yarn on size 10 needles --47" cable lenghth. This is for mauh so don’t need to have it for xmas although that would have been nice :verysad: