FO: Phoebe finally finished!

[B]Pattern:[/B] “Phoebe” (3/4 length swing coat)
[B]Book:[/B] Elsebeth Lavold’s “Touch of Romance”, Book Sixteen
[B]Yarn:[/B] Debbie Bliss Cotton-Angora
[B]Complementary Scarf:[/B] “Palindrome” by Kristin

Finally got Phoebe seamed! Feels like it took forever, but I made a few scarves in the middle of things! :wink:

The Sleeves turned out way way way too long for me. (almost cover my fingertips!) I’ll have to roll up some 4" cuffs. (will have to un-seam the last 4" of the sleeve and reverse the mattress seam to make a finished seamline when cuffs are rolled up).

Yes, I did shorten the sleeves by about 2" before starting the armhole shaping…but it wasn’t enough. Better to have sleeves that are too long I guess…rather than too short. I could un-seam the sides and sleeves, frog the sleeves, and re-knit the sleeves…but at this time I’m just too disheartened and tired of this project. :pout:

If you are a Raveler, you can read my more detailed NOTES here. Overall, it was an easy knit. The pattern needed more information (as usual). I added what I could to my NOTES to help another knitter.

BTW, the Right Side of my Phoebe doesn’t hang down like the model (below). Elsebeth stated that folks tend to knit in a way that the Right Side ribbing band will be longer. Not mine. I paid extra attention to my gauge for the Right Side. The assymetrical look of the model sweater looks fine on her, but not on me. On me it would just look sloppy IMO. :teehee:

Gorgeous…and just in time for the holiday season - I love red in the winter! :yay:

Wow! So pretty! You are truly inspiring. Thanks!

:yay: :woohoo: :yay:. A resounding huzzah ArtLady. Your projects always come out so lovely.A marvelous example of handmade skills.

That is just beautiful!

Very beautiful!! :cheering: :cheering:

Wow, it’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it on you. Sorry about the extra work on the sleeves, but I’m sure it will look as it it was designed that way.

It’s Beautimous! Love the rich red color and like Knit4Fun says, perfect for the upcoming season! You’ve done another wonderful project!

Oh, that is so beautiful and just the right color for this time of year, too. I think your idea of just rolling up the sleeves to form a cuff will look very sharp. Just gorgeous work.

Oh wow, very pretty! :heart:

ArtLady, is this the first time you have made this one? It turned out beautifully. Have you had trouble with the sleeves of EL’s patterns being too long before? Sounds like you may have to have the heads up to make the sleeves 2" shorter to start with. It’s a good thing you did.

As usual your stitch work it just perfect and your yarn choice yummy.

Elsebeth stated that folks tend to knit in a way that the Right Side ribbing band will be longer.
I don’t get that. It seems like it would have to be built into it to turn out that way. I’m amazed that you were able to knit in a way that it didn’t turn out like the one pictured without having to change something. Yours looks nice and even as it lays there, I hope it doesn’t droop on one side when worn if you don’t like that look.

One more off your list. :slight_smile:


I love it. I just adore red!!! your work is always so gorgeous!!

Hi Merigold!

I wore it to church this afternoon…had it on for 2 hours. It isn’t drooping. :thumbsup:

I have had trouble with Elsebeth Lavold sleeves before. I wish I had clipped one sleeve into the socket before seaming and tried the darn thing on. I don’t know why I didn’t. Maybe because I had knit them 2" shorter, I thought I was covered. :eyes:

Lesson learned.

I used a size 5 Harmony DPN to keep it closed. But really, I like it hanging open best.

I also wish I had made the body shorter, too. I forget how short I am. Oh well. If I’m ever in need of a luxury bathrobe…I’ll know where to look! :teehee:

Good thing this yarn was an Ebay "deal of the century’!

Gosh, that looks beautiful. I’ve seen the photos of the other sweaters you have knit and it’s quite inspiring. I’ve never knit one before and it’s one of my goals for 2009.

Wow, that really looks great :thumbsup:

Looks wonderful, as always.

That is just beautiful~ I LOOOVE the RED :heart:!!

:inlove: very pretty!!

It is such a striking piece. great job.