FO Pet Pockets Scarf

I had a ball of RH With Love in Mango and started the project, realized I wouldn’t have enough to finish and found some RH Pound of Love Beige to use with it. The black for the pocket finish/dog collar is some sort of shiny acrylic that has been hanging around. The brown for duplicate stitch for eyes and noses is Wintuk Sport Yarn in brown, no fancy name. :shock: Definitely vintage stuff.

This was my first real experience with duplicate stitch which is easy. It’s also easy for me to mess up and then hard to remove when I’ve managed to split yarn in several places. I thought I was done last night and realized that somehow, some way I had the face of one dog on the wrong side of the pocket. That was after I had woven in ends on it. :doh: The duplicate stitch did not want to be removed. I tossed it aside and got up this morning and was able to finish it fairly quickly. :blooby:

This pattern that my granddaughter liked is what inspired me to do this project. Dachshund Scarf Next time I’ll know what I’m doing and make a better one.

She’s 16 today and can now go get her driver’s license, she’s already passed the test. I had to finish so she can have it after school. I tucked money into one of the pockets too. :wink: Even if she doesn’t like the scarf I think she’ll like the ca$h.

If anyone wants to know how I made the thing, just ask. I will also offer tips on what I will do differently next time.

Thanks for taking a peek!

she’ll love the scarf - it looks great! :slight_smile:

it looks like the pockets might be big enough to use as mittens, in a pinch?

Thank you so much.

That’s the idea and as each head has two thumbs for ears she can put her thumbs in if she wants. I wonder how long it will take her to find the money. :teehee: It may be too long for her, I hope not.

I’m thinking of doing one with cat heads or maybe owls or… the possibilities are endless.

How cute! I bet she’ll love it!

Thanks, Jan, and she said it’s cool. Then she found the ca$h in the pocket and that made it even better. I love making the grands’ eyes light up! I thought for a stash project, making it up as I went along, it turned out pretty close to OK. Someday I really hope to resolve my uneven tension issues. :gah:

She’s a girl after my own heart. I wrapped it in a piece of flannel I had in my fabric stash and she took it to add to hers. :teehee:

She collects flannel? :??

I totally missed the part about the money! All kids like money! :teehee:

She sews and so has a fabric stash. I gave her about 1 2/3 yds., enough she can make something.

i’m stealing this idea. every gift for my mom from now on, wrapped up in joann’s fleece, flannel or keepsake calico remnants… 2 gifts in one :wink:

Cool, X! Years ago when I did baby shower gifts I’d go together with someone else and we’d wrap the gift in a baby blanket so the gift was actually gift wrapped. Another idea is to sew or knit or crochet or macrame or get spiders to spin it for you a shopping bag in pretty colors for holding a gift.

That scarf is adorable! What a thoughtful gift all around from wrapping to present. No wonder your granddaughter loved it.

Thanks, salmonmac. When I first saw that Dachshund Scarf I knew I didn’t want that one but I did want to do something more or less similar. The grands get unique things, they will never be copied exactly. Good thing their pleased with the trial runs.

Wow, or should I say Bow Wow. Fantastic job GG. Great scarf to help keep warm during your cold cold winters - I love the ear/thumb idea.

Thanks, Lorraine. I think I might make another that will be a Pet Pockets Puppets Scarf, just do two sock toes for the mouth and join them like a hinge when I go to working in the round for the head. Something with knitted bobble eyes would be fun too. I’m not at all sure what would look good with bobble eyes.

I fear my gift pales in comparison to what she got today. She is now a licensed driver. OMG how did she get so grown up so fast?

how ingenious ! Am I understanding correctly that you made the pattern up as you went after seeing the picture of the other one?!

I cannot do stuff like that at all. My grandmother was the type that would just look at you, take a couple of measurements and sew you anything you wanted - never bought a pattern in her life. Not me.

Thank you, that is very kind of you. Where I’m concerned it’s not so much ingenious as it is that I really can’t stick with patterns very well…and I didn’t want to buy a pattern when it wasn’t really what I wanted.

If you look at the shape of the dog’s head, what does it look like? A sock toe is what I saw so I thought, why not make a sock toe and go from there? I thought, hmmmm the ears could be thumbs just make one on each side. I didn’t know for sure until I got ears done that I was going to start knitting flat. I intended to make a tube for a double thick scarf. Problem: my car went kaput and I couldn’t go get more yarn, gotta make it flat, how to transition? A mitten cuff! and make it to resemble a dog collar, it can be a pocket scarf. That’s the process I went through. The eyes and nose how-to got mulled a lot while I was doing the oh so exiciting garter stitch scarf portion and I decided to go with duplicate stitch by the time I had Kitchener stitched the center back. Oh yeah, I did both pockets like toe up two at a time socks and to be sure both ends were the same length continued working two at a time after binding off one side of the pocket and going to knitting flat. The stripes were to help hide the running out of yarn, gotta use something else thing. Ingenious? Maybe, I’m glad you think so and surely do appreciate it. Necessity based on desperation? Definitely.

Oooh, I want some of these spiders. :woot:

When you find a source for them let us know, please. :mrgreen: