FO Persephone Cabled Scarf

I gave this to a friend for Christmas. It’s made with Cleakheaton Country 8-ply, a superwash Merino. It was fun to make. The pattern is a free one from

That is stunning. WOW! What a lucky friend you have :slight_smile:

Oh, Ingrid, that’s just beautiful! The yarn really shows off the pattern well! :inlove:

That’s beautiful!!

It’s beautiful!

Wow - that is just beautiful… I love her patterns…and you did a fantastic job with this one.

wow, that’s gorgeous!

Sooo pretty…hello to my queue! :teehee:

Wow. I remember seeing this pattern - it has an unimaginable amount of cable crossings in it. What a lucky friend to get this really labor-intensive gift. Great job as always, Ingrid.

Wow!! I love it. It’s very pretty.

that’s lovely! May just have to make that one for myself, unless you want another friend Ingrid! :slight_smile:

:teehee: I’ll put you on my list after I make one for myself!

Thanks for the compliments, everyone!

what weight is the yarn? stunning…

It’s a dk weight, 22 st/4 inches on 6 needles. Superwash merino–very soft and not horribly expensive.

I fell in love with that pattern when I first saw it - but I hate making scarves. headdesk

I knit about half of the Irish Hiking Scarf and got bored. This one looks less likely to bore me, though… Foul temptress!

(Oh - and awesome job! ^_~)

Beautiful! Looks so warm and cosy x

:thumbsup: Great job!!


It’s really stunning! Winter white is so great for showing off cables, don’t you think? I love it!:cheering: