FO: Perdita Lilacs armband

I made this back in May and never got around to posting. I have since blocked it and it looks great in person. I just haven’t made a closure because I’m not really sure how to do it properly. I’ll have to try to figure it out soon because I really want to wear it and I want to make more for gifts.

That’s a beautiful cuff! :yay:

Beautiful work, well done!

It is just lovely!:inlove:

Oh that’s gorgeous! I love to make cuffs. Do you have a pattern link or any other info about how to get it?

I really like that!! Wow!

That is really pretty and unique!!

Thank you. Yes, and it’s free. There are three different ones. I plan to make each for gifts at some points.

That is just gorgeous. I have two neices that I think will be getting these for christmas presents.

Great work! This is very beautiful, and I also love the subtle placement of the beads. Good color choices!

Awesome, I’m sure they will LOVE them.

Nice thread and bead choices. Made a beautiful wristband. Did you figure out the closure? What did you do?

No, I haven’t made a closure yet. It’s been finished for a while just staring at me. I know how to crochet a bit now, so I could do what the pattern calls for, but I’m not very fond of how it looks. So, I still haven’t decided, and now I’m procrastinating.

Maybe you should ask around here and at Ravelry for some ideas for closures. Someone may have a good idea. I wouldn’t know what to do either. Something more jewelry-like might be pretty, but could be expensive. Sometimes hearing others’ ideas can inspire a person to come up with the right idea.

That’s a good idea. I know the projects list on Ravelry has some different methods, so maybe I’ll sift through those. Soon as I figure it out (eventually) I’ll repost.

One idea is actually very simple, just add an extra row of stitching on one end to make a button hole, then use a nice decorative button of some kind.

Another would be to crochet some ties for it. Or you could crochet a frog closure on it.

It’s kinda wide so it would need two small buttons w/ two holes I think. The ends may get flappy otherwise. What do you think, if you can tell from the picture?

But I think I like the button idea best. I just need to find the time to learn how to knit buttonholes. :slight_smile: I LOVE buttons, especially vintage ones. I also adore steampunk. So I have a nice collection of both kinds of buttons that I’ve never used - I bought a nice bulk of them on ebay for dirt cheap last year, and I can barely sew! Silly I know. So, now that I remember this (thank you for reminding me) I think I may just do buttons with holes. :slight_smile: Now it’ll take me ages to decide on which buttons! lol

Personally, I love the large lampwork buttons that are hand made by artists for something like this. Since their source for glass is the same as what’s used for the beads you used in the stitching finding one that would compliment your stitching shouldn’t be difficult. With the size of a lot of the handmade buttons, I don’t think you’d need to worry about more than one button, unless you just wanted to have the buttons fade in and blend in so that your stitching is the primary focus. Personally I love to find a large focus piece (in the same way that the face of a watch is the focus piece) to compliment my work where the two form a harmonious piece that is greater than the sum of its parts. But that’s just a me thing.

Hope I’ve not made your decisions more difficult.

Love your cuff. I made the Lily of the Valley a few years ago so I know you had fun knitting it.

Yes it was enjoyable, once I figured it out. It the yo and purls next to each other that mucked me up a few times. I have already started a second one for my niece, but it’s been zzzzzz’ing for a few weeks.